Pluggz – Grounding Shoes

Earthing Canada is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of pluggz grounded footwear! Shop their collection of stylish men and women’s grounded shoes, including ballet flats, laser cut shoes, loafers, Moccasins and flip flops.


Why pluggz Footwear?


  • Because your feet are important

Your feet are extremely important for your overall well being. As the main connection point to the Earth’s energy source, electrons naturally flow into your body from your feet when they are grounded with the Earth. Your feet also have a huge influence on how you feel – we have all experienced tired and sore feet and know how lethargic and unenergized they make you feel. Walking in unsupportive or improperly designed footwear will only add to the pain and damage that is being done to your feet and well-being. 

  • Because conventional footwear interferes with the absorption of electrons

Most of today’s footwear is made with non-conductive synthetic material that doesn’t allow the Earth’s natural energy to flow through your body. Insulating footwear like this virtually cut off your body’s ability to absorb revitalizing energy and electrons. In our modern lives, walking barefoot all the time is usually not an option. We believe that you should love the shoes on your feet and still be able to harness the benefits of being connected to the Earth’s energy.

  • Because wearing pluggz is the equivalent of walking barefoot

Pluggz grounding shoes, or Earthing shoes, naturally re-connect you to the free flow of the earth’s powerful electrons. Every pair is made with a conductive rubber sole and a custom carbon and rubber compound plug, specially engineered using pluggz‘ proprietary technology. This plug is located on the foot’s metatarsal area – the most sensitive part of the foot that bears the most weight. The plug acts as a gateway between the earth’s powerful energy and your body.


How Earthing can Help with Chronic Foot Inflammation

A clinical case study by thermography expert Dr. William Amalu focused on a 57-year-old male patient suffering from chronic bilateral foot and ankle pain. After only two weeks of sleeping grounded on Earthing bed sheets, the patient reported that his pain had vanished, with only occasional stiffness.  The above image (right) indicates a clear improvement in the patient’s circulation levels and a decrease in inflammation.

  • Because pluggz flats come in styles for any occasion 

Grounded footwear that’s both practical and fashionable. Pluggz shoes are made from resilient, full-grain leather, quality flannel, suede and linen. From MOCs to loafers to ballet flats, the design and curve of the shoe creates a feminine yet elegant look. Pluggz are the perfect addition to your closet – combine them with any outfit to put together trendy and timeless looks.

  • Because pluggz shoes are designed for optimal comfort

To keep you comfortable and breezy, pluggz  footwear features an antimicrobial and moisture wicking insole and lining. For optimal support and comfort for your feet, pluggz are designed with the following additional features:

Walking on a cloudpluggz  insoles contain cushioning memory foam for under arch and heel support, with comfortable rubber soles for a soft and supported step.
Relief from backachespluggz  are structurally designed with a cut-away heel to keep your heel bone stable while walking.
Quality for yearspluggz are made with natural materials of the highest quality, including full-grain leather, flannel, suede and linen.

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The pluggz Shoes Story

Founded by Sharon Whiteley in 2011, pluggz footwear was inspired by the work of Clint Ober, author of the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

Recognizing the value of other Earthing products that allow us to sleep and work while grounded, the pluggz line was designed with the same purpose. Their grounded shoes connect us with the Earth’s energy when we make direct contact with the ground.

Available in many styles and colours, pluggz are a stylish, comfortable and quality addition to the Earthing Canada family.