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Earthing products allow us to maintain the physical connection between the human body and the Earth’s stabilizing energy field during periods of work, rest, and sleep. By utilizing this physical connection to the Earth, it has been proven that Earthing products help improve energy levels, vitality, and physical well-being.

  • Earthing Sheets & Bedding (15)

    Earthing Sheets, Throws, and Recovery Bags provide the benefit of Earthing while sleeping or at rest; an ideal time to be grounded as our bodies are in a state of natural recovery.

  • Earthing Mats & Pads (7)

    Earthing Mats are great for daytime Earthing and are ideal for anyone who spends time working at a desk or computer, or resting in a chair.

  • Earthing Bands & Patches (4)

    Earthing Body Bands allow for some mobility while Earthing, making them ideal for use while exercising or practicing yoga. Earthing Patches can be placed anywhere on the body.

  • Earthing Accessories (20)

    Earthing Accessories include travel adaptors, extension cords, product testers, books, replacement parts and more.