Chronic Inflammation


What is Inflammation? Inflammation is a natural and necessary process initiated by the body’s immune system in response to infection, trauma or allergens. It is known as the inflammatory response or acute inflammation and is a short-term response designed to repair the body and promote healing. Inflammation is also known to have a biological effect on the natural process of aging, otherwise known as ‘inflammaging.’


Acute inflammation works by first releasing pro-inflammatory compounds to fight infection, then releasing anti-inflammatory compounds after the threat has been adequately addressed. Unfortunately, this natural physiological process doesn’t always function as designed, leading to the proliferation of inflammation-promoting compounds throughout the body. This is known as chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation, or prolonged inflammation happens, when the inflammatory response ceases to function as intended. Rather than turning off and releasing anti-inflammatory compounds, the immune system continues to release pro-inflammatory cells.


Normally, the hallmark signs of inflammation – redness, soreness, swelling, and warmth – are localized and disappear when the infection or injury disappears. Sometimes, however, the immune system does not shut off. Instead, it releases a continuous stream of pro-inflammatory compounds that spread throughout the body.


Chronic inflammation symptoms, like pain, stiffness and discomfort, are a result of damage to healthy tissues and cells. It has already been linked to an array of chronic disorders, including:


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      Earthing has been known to help with neuropathy. An Australian doctor reported one diabetic patient having a 75% improvement in numbness after just one session of placing their feet on an earthing mat. He found in most cases at least some improvement of foot numbness after an initial grounding session in his office.