Earthing As A Means To Treat Headaches

Headaches and the more severe migraines are some of the least bearable types of pain we usually seek immediate medicated treatment for. And the truth is drugs can be quite efficient when it comes to treating migraines. But often times the damages they are doing to our internal organs such as the liver or the stomach or the hormonal unbalances they can cause are reasons enough to send us out looking for healthier alternatives.

A Little More On Migraines

A person suffering from a migraine will usually experience intense pulsing and throbbing pain in the form of hard to bear headaches. The pain can be present in just one area of the head and it can last somewhere in between 4 and 72 hours, if left untreated properly. Nausea and sensitivity to light, vomiting, or sensitivity to sound are extra symptoms a person suffering a migraine can confront with. The temporary loss of vision or powerful, flashing lights can often times trigger a migraine. Women tend to be three times more affected by migraines than men and stress and hormonal changes, anxiety or food and sleep deprivation can all lead to the formation of migraines.  

There are also more recent studies that have focused on the idea according to which a migraine might be the result of a metabolism that lacks the sufficient energy to function properly. The brain’s mitochondria along with its nerve cells are not able to generate enough fuel, hence oxygen and nutrients are not properly turned into adenosine triphosphate, which is the “fuel” that helps the cells operate normally.


How Can Earthing Help?

No matter what the causes or the triggers for your migraine, if you tend to confront with them quite often, it is important to go through a physical checkup make sure you do not have any tumors or similar health issues that might be responsible for our migraines. If your migraines and headaches have no such causes, you can try earthing. You will get to not only reconnect with nature at a spiritual level and gain more peace of mind, but may also feel some important changes in the cycles of your migraines as you diminish your body’s inflammation and thus get to fight against headaches and migraines the natural way.