Share your Earthing Success Story for a Chance to Help Others and Win

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If you use Earthing products or simply love walking barefoot, you know that the act of connecting with the ground’s natural healing energy can make you feel great. Earthing has been found to help relieve pain, improve sleep and decrease the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and chronic inflammation.

Research on the positive effects of Earthing has continued to pile up over recent years. Unfortunately, although the science of grounding is fundamentally important, all the statistics and studies in the world might not convince your neighbour of the benefits of Earthing. Some people need to hear a success story from someone they trust or can relate to.

That’s why we’re asking Earthing enthusiasts (that means you!) to share their unique experience through our Facebook page. If staying grounded has helped to rejuvenate your life, we’d love to hear from you. All qualifying stories will be published on our website (and not on Facebook) and your entries will be sent to us confidentially. If we feature your story, only your first name and last initial will be disclosed to the public. Taking the time to enter will also qualify you for a chance to win a free Earthing Starter Kit, a perfect gift for introducing Earthing to someone you care about.

Your unique story can mean a world of difference in helping someone to discover the benefits of Earthing. Click here to share your Earthing success story, and let others know how Earthing may help them too.