Earthing Research

Upon his discovery of the Earth’s healing energy, Clint Ober partnered with Polish Drs. Pawel and Karol Sokal to establish scientific proof.

Their Earthing research produced fascinating evidence of the Earth’s ability to generate a positive effect on the electrical state of the human body. Their studies laid the groundwork for subsequent studies that echoed the same result: that Earthing allows for the free flow of the Earth’s electrons into our system, and electrons are the source of the neutralizing power of antioxidants.

Studies also point to a reduction of pain and chronic inflammation in multiple patients suffering from chronic pain or disease. Here are some highlights from the most significant Earthing research.

Earthing and Blood Viscosity

As far as health benefits go, Earthing has been known to have a significant impact on blood viscosity.

For this study, Earthing experts Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. James Oschman recruited three individuals suffering from chronic inflammation-related pain. They measured the subjects’ blood viscosity with a method called zeta potential, which is a measure of how quickly your red blood cells migrate in an electrical field.

While grounding, your zeta potential rapidly elevates, causing your red blood cells to develop more charge on their surface and distance themselves from each other. In turn, your blood viscosity improves. They used a darkfield microscope to capture their results (right).

The images on the left are before Earthing, and the ones on the right are 45 minutes after Earthing. The pictures demonstrate a significant thinning and decoupling of the blood cells.


Medical Thermography Case Studies

Dr. William Amalu, President of the International Academy of Clinical Thermography, conducted clinical Earthing case studies on 20 subjects suffering from chronic pain. Some subjects were provided with Earthing bed sheets, others were given Earthing patches to use as treatment. All of the subjects were followed over time, and with the use of infrared technology, their results were record. They were assessed for both inflammatory and neurophysiological improvements to their pain levels. These are some of the groundbreaking results.

Earthing and Chronic Knee Pain


For the above case study, a 48-year-old female with significant chronic bilateral knee pain (resulting from a 6-year-old injury) used an Earthing patch for 30 minutes. The above thermographic images from before and after the treatment show a drastic reduction in chronic inflammation. After the initial exposure to Earthing, the patient reported a 20% reduction in pain and after 12 weeks of regular Earthing, she reported an incredible 90% reduction in pain.

Earthing and Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain

The 57-year-old male patient in this case study suffered from chronic bilateral foot and ankle pain. After 2 nights of sleeping grounded, he reported a pain reduction of more than 80%. After 4 weeks, the patient said his pain had vanished with only occasional stiffness. The before (left) and after (right) images above show a pronounced improvement in circulation and a decrease in inflammation. Note that his toes are not visible initially due to poor circulation and room temperature levels.

Earthing and Chronic Back Pain

The top images are from a case study of a 44-year-old female with chronic middle back pain. After 4 nights of sleeping grounded, she reported a 30% reduction in pain and after 8 weeks, the pain was completely resolved. The bottom images are of an 85-year-old male with chronic lower back pain and recurring shoulder pain. After 2 nights of sleeping grounded, he reported a 50% reduction in pain and after 4 weeks, he reported a resolution of pain and improved sleep.

Earthing and Chronic Hand Pain

For this case study, a a 49-year-old woman suffering from sleeplessness and chronic pain slept grounded on Earthing bed sheets for 4 consecutive nights. The arrows in the top thermographic images (before) denote areas of poor circulation, and the bottom images (after) show the return of proper circulation and decreased inflammation. The patient reported a drastic reduction in pain and improved sleep, with steady continued improvement upon follow-up.

Earthing Videos

The following videos feature reputable studies, talks or experiments by Earthing experts.

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