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The B1 Premium Cube model comes in carbon blue and silver alloy. This model is the new version of the former Premium Cube Gen 2, with the same internal functioning which emits additional waveforms compared to the regular Home Cube. The only difference is the case material.

The B1 Premium Cube protects an area up to 90 meters or 295 feet in every direction from the device and is suitable for use in protection from very high EMF radiation, millimeter waves, and high 5G areas.

B1 Premium Cube Features

  • Designed for living and working areas where there is a high level 5G radiation
  • Unique delivery system
  • Effective in wide frequency ranges from geopathic up
  • It will also protect in the 40Ghz-300Ghz range
  • Coverage 90m or 295 feet in all directions from the device
  • Table mounted metal alloy case with a pleasant look
  • Size 100mm x 100mm x 115mm  (about 4 x 4 x 6 inches)
  • Weight 650g – about 1.4 pounds
  • Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs with new waveform format
  • Great for homes, offices, and schools where EMF is extreme
  • The best protection from microwave radiation
  • May reduce fatigue associated with EMF especially 5G
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Enables restful sleep
  • May increase energy levels
  • Comes with a 12V power pack and adapters

The Premium Portable

Portable EMF protection with our second most powerful regular mobile Blushield device to date. The Premium Portable comes in a Gunmetal Premium finish alloy case featuring a 500m AH rechargeable battery with a 10m or 32.8 foot coverage radius. It is recommended for use where high powered microwave radiation pervades the local vicinity. The Premium Portable will protect in the 0-40Ghz range (lower 5G) and provide some protection in the higher 5G frequencies 40GHz-300GHz range.

The Premium Portable can be recharged using the USB cable provided and US power brick, or at any computer or USB adapter charger. Due to the large battery size, it may take as long as 4 hours to fully recharge, so simply wait until all the charge level LEDs are fully lit and not blinking. The fully charged battery will last more than 60 days per charge (depends on usage). This Portable model is for use outside your plugin protected area and is not intended for use inside your home or office as a substitute for the plugin or larger models as it does not offer the same level of protection.

The Premium Portable is great for people who travel a lot in electric trains or who drive electric vehicles.

Premium Portable Features:

  • Designed for portable travel protection
  • Premium portable in Gunmetal Premium finish
  • Airplane safe
  • Coverage 10m or 32.8 feet in all directions from the device
  • 3G 4G 4G+ Protection
  • Premium Large Size Alloy case
  • 500m AH rechargeable battery
  • Size 100mm x 60mm x 10mm (approx. 4 x 2.5 inches and less than 1/2 inch thick)
  • Weight 180g
  •  60 plus days of use on 1 charge
  • Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs
  • May reduce fatigue from EMF
  • Helps maintain a level of alertness
  • Enables restful sleep while traveling
  • Comes with USB C charging cable and USB Charger
  • Charge on any computer or phone charger