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Body Band Orange Wide

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*Note this contains only the Body Band. No cords or accessories are included.

The Earthing Body Bands can be used virtually anywhere. Whether you are stretching, working out, sitting, meditating, or sleeping!


  • 1 Small Orange Body Band (Adjustable from 6″ to 10″)


How It Works

1. Test your outlet with an Outlet Checker . Two amber lights illuminated is GOOD and means that you have a proper ground and you are ready to connect your Earthing product. Any other light combination means your outlet is NOT properly grounded. Try testing another outlet. If it still doesn’t work, then you will need to use a Grounding Rod.

2. You can put the Body Bands around your foot or ankle, hand or wrist, shoulder or thigh.

3. Snap an Earthing Coil Cord onto the Body Band connection tab.

4. Insert the end of your Earthing Cord into the 3rd hole of your grounded wall outlet.

5. You must make direct skin contact with Body Band.

Care Instructions

Preferred cleaning method is to hand wash with soap and then immediately put them in the dryer on low heat.
Washing machines are too aggressive and the band will be immersed in water for a long time. The snaps are Nickel plated brass and the wire is SS both of which are corrosion resistant. However, even Stainless Steel will start to corrode with long term water immersion. The conductive material is carbon so it will not oxidize but the
rubber elasticity will be affected by bleach or oxidizing agents and high temperature is not good. Do not dry in the sun; the UV and hot sun will impact the elasticity.

Safety Warning

Always use as directed. The Earthing Connection Outlet Ground Checker is designed for 120V 60Hz use only! Use only Earthing® approved connecting cord with built-in internal safety feature. If your Outlet Ground Checker does not display 2 amber lights, then do not use the product before consulting an electrician.
For your safety, locate any connecting cord in such a way that it doesn’t cause a tripping hazard.