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Do you have a Paw Patrol fan in your family?

Get your kids running to bed with the world’s first fully licensed Paw Patrol Kid’s Weighted Blanket in two unique designs – Chase and Skye!

Your child can now go fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, feeling comforted by their favourite furry friends.


If your child has a problem going to sleep at night or staying asleep, the Hush Kids will offer a sense of security by simulating the feeling of a constant hug.

Now your child can sleep throughout the night and manage anxiety better, giving you a better sleep too. Plus, it’s super comfy and won’t make them hot.

Perfect for playtime, sleepovers, car/plane rides, or just snuggling up on the couch with you. Reclaim their important sleep today!


Fun facts:

  • Your child can choose which side of the blanket they want to use:  each side has a unique design!
  • The blanket is 38×54 inches and weighs 5lbs with the cover.
  • Perfect for children that weigh 30-80 lbs
  • The cover is easily removable to wash and is fastened with an inner zipper system.
  • Helps soothe children with sleep anxiety or nightmares. (Like a loving hug)
  • Even weight distribution – Hush technology will keep the weight even no matter how much your child moves throughout the night.


What a few customers are saying:

From Kate D:  So happy!  I bought my 4 year old the Paw Patrol weighted blanket and it was the best purchase! It’s so soft and comfortable and has really improved her sleep. It keeps her warm all night but doesn’t overheat. I recommend this blanket for sure!

From Dennis C:  Son Loves Chase.  The blanket is great. My son has issues with the dark and used you have trouble falling asleep. Now with Chase to watch over him he seems to fall asleep faster.

From Ashley  J:  This blanket is magical!!!  My 2 year was waking almost every night, every 2 hours and would end up just sleeping in my bed!! Since using this blanket he hasn’t come into my room once!!!🙌 My 4 year old- same thing!! Honestly can’t believe that they actually work! SO happy I purchased them!!! Thank you!!!🙌🙌🙌


How To Wash and Care For Your Weighted Blanket

Step 1:  Open the zipper and remove the inner weighted blanket.

Step 2:  Place the Outer layer of any Hush Blanket in the wash. We recommend a Cold wash and hang to dry.  Please avoid tumble dry.

Step 3:  To clean the Inner Weighted layer, we recommend hand washing to avoid any potential rips or tears to the weighted pockets. Hang to dry.

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