What are Hush Weighted Blankets?

Think about the last time you felt stressed or anxious, or had trouble falling asleep.  Along came a good friend or family member and gave you a great big hug.  Your stress and anxiety melted away, and perhaps a good cuddle put you right to sleep!  Hush weighted blankets can give you that same experience.  3-5x times heavier than your regular duvet, a HUSH weighted blanket is an effective way to reduce anxiety and stress by helping you fall asleep faster and sleep even deeper.
In our busy modern world stress and anxiety are on the rise.  In fact, 76% of people express physical and psychological symptoms caused by stress!  Hush weighted blankets have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety by activating our body’s natural response to compression and touch.  Hush blankets reduce cortisol (stress hormones) with DTPS (Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation) to release serotonin (happy hormones) and melatonin (sleep hormones).  They’ve been known to help with:
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • sleep anxiety
  • insomnia
  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • sensory processing disorder
  • general sleep trouble

The benefits of Hush weighted blankets are backed by science!

  • This study from SciMedCentral found that sleep time increased while movement during sleep decreased when participants used a weighted blanket. Participants found it easier to settle down, fall asleep, and felt more refreshed in the morning.
  • The American Occupational Therapy Association studied the benefits of DTPS and has shown to occur even in short periods of being under a weight.  Sympathetic arousal decreased while parasympathetic arousal decreased. This led to improved performance on a test after being under the weight.

We are so convinced of the benefits of Hush blankets that we offer a 100 day guarantee!

Try it for 100 days, and if you aren’t convinced, we will easily accept your return and provide a full product refund.

You are only a few clicks away from receiving a better night’s sleep!

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