Qu’est-ce que Blushield

avril 19, 2022

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Blushield is a revolutionary form of EMF protection unlike any other.  It is designed to protect all life from the harmful effects of man-made Electromagnetic Fields, such as the frequencies emitted from Cell Phones, Smart Meters, Power lines and Cell Towers. (to name a few)

Designed in New Zealand, Blushield has been meticulously developed over the past 30 years to be the most sophisticated active EMF protection available.

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What are EMFs?

EMF is short for electromagnetic fields, or sometimes known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  These fields are emitted from all wireless devices including cell phones, wi-fi, computers, tv transmitters, smart meters, power lines and cell phone towers.

Within our bodies evolution, it has never experienced these frequencies and therefore treats non-native EMFs as an intruder, same as if it were a virus.  Our bodies immune system responds in varying ways, and symptoms can include:

  • nausea
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • poor sleep
  • skin rashes
  • heart palpitations

As all people are not the same, each person may experience different symptoms with different levels of exposure. If you feel that your health is being affected by the EMFs in your environment, it’s best to take steps to minimize your exposure. If you are in doubt about any symptoms please see your health professional for advice.

How it works?

Blushield produces and emits scalar frequencies that are based on natural laws and principles.  Instead of blocking EMFs, Blushield overpowers non-native EMFs with resonant frequencies that our bodies have evolved with and can understand.  This is called sympathetic resonance.

When your body is in tune to these harmonious frequencies, our body no longer perceives the non-native EMFs as a threat, and therefore our bodies can begin to heal and repair.

Passive vs Active EMF protection?

Blushield is an active form of EMF protection because it uses power (battery or electricity) to emit scalar energy.  This ensures that it is powerful enough to override the non-native EMFs, and vastly outperforms the stickers/pendants that are passive and don’t use a power source.

Does Blushield block EMF?

No, Blushield Products do not attempt to block, shield, or neutralize EMFs.  It does not affect any signals and all of your devices will continue to work as normal.

Blushield essentially overpowers non-native EMFs with resonant frequencies, allowing your body to tune in to the harmonious frequencies of the nature and protecting you at a cellular level even when EMFs are in your environment.

What are the benefits of using Blushield? 

The frequencies emitted by Blushield help to protect the body from EMF and to reach a coherent balance. When there is coherence in the body you can experience:

  • More energy
  • Less fatigue
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increased productivity
  • Better sleep

What are people saying about Blushield?

Read our full list of Blushield testimonials here.

Are there any side effects of using Blushield?

Most people share their experience of increased energy levels, better sleep, less stress and an overall better sense of well being.  For some people, when the stress of the EMFs are removed they may have a harmless adjusting or detoxification period.  For those with extreme sensitivities to EMFs, they may experience detox symptoms for a few days, such as fatigue and/or headaches. This adjustment period is the body responding to its new environment and is a positive sign.  It depends on each individual, but the symptoms usually cease after a couple days.

Blushield Scientific Testing

To date there have been four independent scientific studies into Blushield. Click here to view the testing details and the results.

Our 100-Day Guarantee

We fully understand sometimes it’s hard to splurge on yourself. That’s why all of our products, including Blushield come with a guaranteed trial of 100 days. There is no risk to you, because if for whatever reason you want to return it, we promise we will easily accept your return and provide a full product refund.

Please note that the Blushield device must include it’s original undamaged packaging, and the device itself must not be damaged or scratched in any way. Return postage costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Blushield Models

There is now a Blushield model to suit most lifestyles and to keep you protected at home, at work and on-the-go. Please check out this guide for further information to help you decide which Blushield model is right for you.

The Blushield Home Plug-In is the most popular place to start. Perfect for the home and covers 45 metres in every direction (a 90 metre diameter). Simply plug in the Blushield and you are protected.

The Blushield Home Portable is the ideal solution when you are away from home and need to be protected. People often complain of experiencing EHS-like symptoms when in an area of high EMFs such as a shopping centre. The Blushield portable can easily slip into a bag or a pocket for personal protection when out and about. The portable covers a 3 meter diameter.

The Blushield Premium Portable is twice the strength of the white Home Portable, and comes in a chrome alloy casing.  This portable covers a 5 meter diameter.

The newest and most powerful Portable is the U1 Ultra Premium Portable, with the best portable protection against 5G.  This portable covers a 10 meter diameter.

For homes with high levels of EMF and larger spaces such as offices, high rise apartments and schools the Blushield Home Cube or Blushield B1 Premium Cube is the recommended option.

Ideal for large commercial spaces such as offices, hospitals and factories or homes with very high levels of EMF, the Blushield Ultra or Blushield Premium Ultra is the recommended solution.

The Blushield Auto is perfect for the car and protects against high levels of EMF in your vehicle. It helps to reduce fatigue and stress on the body when travelling. Coming Soon.

Blushield Specifications

Blushield has provided this handy table detailing specifications of the different models available. You can download the pdf here.

The best long term strategy is to have a home unit and a portable unit.  If you are new to Blushield and your budget only allows you to get one at first, a home unit is definitely ideal, to establish sympathetic resonance and be protected in the place you spend most of your time.  Then later on, you can add a portable to increase your protection.

If you have any additional questions on the different devices, feel free to check out our FAQs, or feel free to contact us anytime.  We are happy to help!

Thank you to Blushield-ca.com and EarthingOZ for sharing this information with us.