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Welcome to Earthing Canada

We offer official Earthing® products to help thousands of people like you reconnect with the Earth’s energy in the most simple, straight-forward, science-backed way. Our customers use Earthing products such as Earthing® bedding, and Earthing® mats to get connected in the comfort and safety of their own home. We also offer authentic Blushield Products,  revolutionary form of EMF protection unlike any other.  Designed to protect all life from the harmful effects of man-made electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones, wifi, smart meters and cell towers.  Explore our site to find out more.

Here’s What You Have To Say

Success Stories
“We’ve been buying from Earthing Canada since 2014 and it is one of the best companies we’ve ever done business with. We have been using Earthing products for about 4 years now, and the latest one we got is the Ground Therapy Large Sleep Mat – It is incredible. Both my husband and I are in our 70’s and it is unbelievable how sleeping “grounded” literally takes away your aches and pain – we would recommend this to anyone!”


Verified Customer
“Although I do not have pets of my own, when I visit family and friends, their pets enjoy my earthing mat as much as I do!”

Lynne, BC

Verified Customer
“After my daughter told me about Earthing, I ordered my sheet and experienced such relief and improved sleep, that I have referred these to 2 friends who have shared their experience with several others. In fact, we have given these products as gifts with extreme gratitude from the receivers.”

Helen H

Verified Customer
“The grounding sheet and pad have significantly improved my sleep, something I had trouble with due to stressful job. I also noticed that my legs and back did not hurt nearly as much as they did before. Thank you :)”


Verified Customer