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Our Team

Earthing Canada is located in Alberta, Canada – we look forward to serving you!



When my brothers and I were growing up, our Mom (armed with an ever-expanding collection of reading material) was very conscientious of the food she put on the table. Not to mention the handful of vitamins we had to take as well. Although I tried a number of times, she never did let me get very far with a bag of candy.  Little did I know, this would spark an everlasting journey and passion for better living.

I became a Wellness Coach over 4 years ago, studying with Lars Gustafsson at the Body Mind Institute.  I realized that there are endless things a person can do to improve their health, but what I have found over the years is that the simplest of changes can yield the most profound results. This is what has drawn me to Earthing.

I frequently get asked “How has Earthing helped you?” Well to be honest, I thought I was in pretty good health before I started Earthing, but it wasn’t until I forgot my Earthing Sheet on a weekend trip that I truly appreciated how Earthing had taken my health to a whole new level.

I am inspired each day by the stories that people share, and I look forward to the many more to come!



I have always had an appreciation for the outdoors and our beautiful earth. I grew up camping all over Alberta and British Columbia. My parents took us on many hikes in the mountains, which as a kid was usually done grudgingly, but I realize now that those hikes gave me a true appreciation for nature. There were many times we would come across a gurgling mountain stream and we would kick off our socks and shoes and go wading in the freezing water. It always made us feel energized and ready to continue on with our hike. I didn’t know it then, but we were receiving a gift from the earth!

I am now a wife and mother. My husband and I share a love of nature with our kids. In the summer, you will find us camping every weekend we can get away, dipping our toes in the lake or just playing in the woods. In the winter we don’t let the snow stop us. Skiing, skating, cooking over bonfires with friends, and staying close to the flames to keep warm, enjoying everything that is around us.

I joined the Earthing team in the spring of 2014 and have never looked back. Earthing products have made a difference in the life of both myself and my family, and I am always happy to share our stories. I also love hearing about the positive impacts that Earthing has made for our customers!