Couverture Lestée Hush – FAQ

juin 10, 2023

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What’s the purpose behind weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to provide a more relaxed and better sleep by reducing cortisol (stress), increasing melatonin (sleep), and increasing serotonin (happiness). Provides a soothing, relaxing sensation of being swaddled.

Are the Weighted Blankets Grounded?

The Weighted Blankets are not grounded. They are a great addition to add to your Earthing Products to help you have your best sleep ever.

What size are the Hush Blankets and which weight should I choose?

The Hush is available in many different sizes. We generally follow mattress sizes to make it easier for you. The weights range from 5 lbs from kids to 35 lbs for sharing adults! You will see the size and weight beside each item on our site. The Hush is different because our blanket actually looks good on your bed, since it will drape nicely over the sides instead of just reaching the edge of your mattress top. You should choose a weight that is 7-12% of your body weight or the combined weight of you and your partner if you are sharing. For example, if you’re 160 lbs, then the 15 lbs Hush will be perfect for you. If you think you’d like a heavier weight, then you’re probably right.

How do weighted blankets help with anxiety?

The Hush helps with anxiety by applying pressure over your whole body, which acts as a sort of hug or cocoon for you. Studies show that this effect can reduce anxiety by reducing your cortisol levels while simultaneously increasing your serotonin (happiness hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone) levels.

Can I share a blanket with someone?

Of course! The Hush Queen and King sizes are made for sharing in both their size and weights. In order to share a blanket, choose a blanket that is roughly 10% of both you and your sleep partner’s weight. Ex. You are 140 lbs and your partner is 160. Get the 30 lbs Queen or King blanket as your half of the blanket will be roughly 15 lbs. If your weights vary drastically, consider purchasing two Twin sized blankets for a more personalized and optimal sleep experience.

Will a weighted blanket help my toddler sleep?

The answer is yes. If your child is suffering from sleep anxiety due to nightmares or loneliness, The Hush Kids Blanket may help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. It achieves this by making your child feel secure under the blanket like a constant cuddle from their parents.

Will the Hush be warm enough in the winter? Too hot in the summer?

The Hush blanket was designed for all seasons. Our Hush Classic comes with a soft “minky” cover which will keep you warm and snuggled all year round. Our Hush Iced comes with our Iced cover which is simply the coolest fabric in your house, guaranteed. If you find that you want a blanket that is warm for the winter and cooler for the summer we have recently launched our Hush 2-in-1 combo which comes with both covers that you can easily switch out.

Is the inner weighted layer removable?

Yes, the inner layer is very easily removable. Simply undo the hooks/zipper and remove the inner layer, which takes less than two minutes.

Will the inner layer move when I sleep?

No, the inner layer is set in place using a hook and zipper system that secures the blanket in one position. There are 6 hooks around the outside of the blanket and a lock-in-zipper system on both the top and bottom of the blanket.

How do I wash my new blanket?

Step 1: Open the zipper and remove the inner weighted blanket.

Step 2: Place the Outer layer of any Hush Blanket in the wash. We recommend a Cold wash and hang to dry. Please avoid tumble dry.

Step 3: To clean the Inner Weighted layer, we recommend hand washing to avoid any potential rips or tears to the weighted pockets. Hang to dry.