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Couvertures lestées Hush – FAQ

avril 19, 2022
La traduction de cette page est en cours, merci pour votre patience. Vous pouvez vous référer à cette version anglaise en attendant. HUSH FAQs What's the purpose behind weighted blankets? Weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to provide a more relaxed and better sleep by reducing cortisol (stress), increasing melatonin (sleep), and increasing serotonin (happiness). Provides a soothing, relaxing sensation of being swaddled. Are the Weighted Blankets Grounded? The Weighted Blankets are not grounded. They are a great addition to add to your Earthing Products to help you have your best sleep ever. What size are the Hush Blankets and which weight should I choose? The Hush is available in many different sizes. We generally follow mattress sizes to make it easier for you. The...