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Félicitations à notre gagnant de l’ensemble de démarrage de mise à la terre Earthing!

avril 19, 2022
La traduction de cette page est en cours, merci pour votre patience. Vous pouvez vous référer à cette version anglaise en attendant. Congratulations to the winner of our free Earthing Starter Kit, Tara V. of Nepean, ON! Her entry was drawn at random from all of the eligible submissions. This is her Earthing Success Story: "Worked immediately! The night I picked up my Earthing package at the post office was one of the worst snow storms of the season. Driving home from work, my shoulders were up in my ears from the tension. Cars were in the ditch. Little visibility. White knuckles from clenching the steering wheel all the way home. Once I got home, I had to shovel so that I could get into...