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Earthing Canada

What is Earthing / Grounding?

Earthing is simply making a physical connection between the electrical frequencies of the human body with that of Earth’s (think barefoot in the grass, or at the beach). Just like the sun constantly provides us with energy and vitamins, the earth too is a source of subtle energy in the form of electrons. When you touch the ground with your bare feet or body, those electrons flow into you.

We are proud to provide Canadians with Ground Therapy Products, official products designed and developed by Clint Ober and his team.

Realizing that most people are unable walk barefoot or sleep on the ground at night, Clint has developed indoor grounding products to connect people (and pets!) back to the Earth. He has made it his mission to spread the message of grounding to everyone on earth.

How Do Earthing Products Work?

Earthing products connect you to the earth’s electrons through the grounded port of your three prong outlet or via a Ground Rod.
Earthing / Grounding

Check Wall Outlet

Plug the Earthing Outlet Checker included in your order into your wall outlet to ensure your outlet is wired correctly. If not, then you will need to purchase an Earthing Ground Rod.
Earthing / Grounding

Safety Adapter

Push the Earthing Safety Adapter into your wall outlet. Connect one end of your Coil Cord into the Safety Adapter and snap the other end to the product.


We highly recommend using an optional Continuity Tester to ensure your product is properly grounded. You should check your product and cord on a regular basis to ensure you are connected.
Earthing / Grounding

Connect YOU!

Your Earthing product is ready to ground you any time you touch it with your bare skin or through one thin layer of fabric such as a sheet or clothing!

Here’s What You Have To Say

Success Stories
“We’ve been buying from Earthing Canada since 2014 and it is one of the best companies we’ve ever done business with. We have been using Earthing products for about 4 years now, and the latest one we got is the Ground Therapy Large Sleep Mat – It is incredible. Both my husband and I are in our 70’s and it is unbelievable how sleeping “grounded” literally takes away your aches and pain – we would recommend this to anyone!”


Verified Customer
“Although I do not have pets of my own, when I visit family and friends, their pets enjoy my earthing mat as much as I do!”

Lynne, BC

Verified Customer
“After my daughter told me about Earthing, I ordered my sheet and experienced such relief and improved sleep, that I have referred these to 2 friends who have shared their experience with several others. In fact, we have given these products as gifts with extreme gratitude from the receivers.”

Helen H

Verified Customer
“The grounding sheet and pad have significantly improved my sleep, something I had trouble with due to stressful job. I also noticed that my legs and back did not hurt nearly as much as they did before. Thank you :)”


Verified Customer

Earthing Canada Media
Earthing Canada Media
Earthing Canada Media
Earthing Canada Media