How To Use Your: Sleep Mat Kit

July 10, 2023

How To Use Your: Sleep Mat Kit

Follow the video instructions to properly setup your Sleep Mat Kit

  1. Find an outlet in your home that you intend to use with your Earthing product
  2. Plug the Outlet Checker directly into your 3-prong outlet
  3. 2 amber lights indicate that your electrical outlet is wired properly and ready for grounding!
  4. Use the straps to secure the Sleep Mat directly to your mattress – over or under your fitted sheet. The Sleep Mat can be fitted lengthwise or widthwise on your mattress.
  5. Plug the Safe-T Cube into the outlet. If you don’t have one, it’s acceptable to plug your Earthing product directly into the grounded outlet
  6. Insert prong end of the Connection Cord into Safe-T Cube Adaptor
  7. Connect other side of the Connection Cord to the snap nub on the Sleep Mat

Please note:
We recommend using just one thin layer of fabric between your skin and the product. Bamboo and cotton work great!

Please allow a few minutes in order to make the connection.

If you have any questions, please email us!