The difference between PEMF and Earthing Mats

March 29, 2024

The difference between PEMF and Earthing Mats

Whenever we tell people about Earthing Canada, they often ask, “Like the PEMF mats?” Not quite!

We get it — they’re both outliers in the wellness world and look like funky exercise mats. But despite their similarities, they operate differently. Let’s break it down:

What are PEMF Mats

Aztecs and Mayans used magnets in medicine as early as 2000 BC. Paracelsus, a 14th-century alchemist, believed that magnets could attract disease and pull it from the body. Modern science has shown that magnets work to benefit the body, but not by pulling illness directly from the body.

All living things generate electricity. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) mats use magnets to work with electric energy in the body.

Depending on the PEMF mat, people use them for specific periods, ranging from a few minutes to an hour. Since they use pulsed electromagnet fields (PEMF), they do not contain any electrons and thus cannot deliver electrons to the body as grounding does.

What are Earthing Mats

Ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used the Earth as an electrical conductor, though evidence is scarce due to their close contact with the ground daily. Traditional Chinese medicine recognized the concept of earthing, attributing health benefits to the Earth’s energy, known as “earthing qi” or “grounding qi.”

Today, Clint Ober, a cable TV pioneer, popularized grounding in the late 1900s. He observed how grounding cables prevented signal disturbances, leading him to theorize that the Earth’s connection could benefit human physiology. Ober’s research laid the groundwork for further exploration into earthing’s potential health effects, and he has patented Grounding products designed with decades of research.

Earthing mats, aka grounding mats, conduct the electrons of the Earth (and their vibratory frequencies) into your body and serve as extension cords from the Earth to you. This facilitates earthing or grounding, a wellness practice where you connect to Earth through the soles of your feet. The electrons and their frequencies include all the subtleties inherent in nature that our bodies have attuned to throughout history.

Over the past 20 years, Clint Ober’s work has suggested that this connection helps equalize your body’s electrical charge, offering a wide range of benefits. Typically, people use our genuine Clint Ober products when sitting or sleeping, placing as much bare skin as possible in contact with the mat to allow the flow of electrons from the Earth’s surface into their bodies.


While PEMF mats and Earthing mats may appear similar at first glance, they operate on different principles. PEMF mats harness the power of electromagnetic fields to interact with the body’s electric energy, while Earthing mats facilitate a direct connection to the Earth’s electrons, promoting grounding and balance within the body’s electrical charge. Both have their place in the wellness world, but understanding their differences allows for informed choices based on your needs and preferences.

We hope this was helpful! Stay grounded! 💚