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Now in stock in Canada. Be the first to own a C1 Ultimate Cube 5G! The most powerful EMF Protection Device by Blushield.

The most powerful active EMF protection technology available. The C1 is designed for people living in densely populated areas or anyone who needs maximum coverage area.

The C1 is great for large homes or situations where one requires protection far outside of their dwelling.  It provides an impressive coverage area of 120 meters (393 ft) in all directions and is suitable for use in high 5G areas. This model boasts a unique delivery system, unlike previous model versions. Its effectiveness for 5G is unparalleled to anything on the global market.

The C1 Ultimate Cube 5G model comes in a blue alloy case that is table mounted via a 3M soft pad.

The C1 Ultimate Cube model is ideal for commercial office spaces, factories, hospitals, and schools, protecting you wherever there is high-powered microwave radiation from WIFI or other related microwave output devices including 5G arrays and smart meters. Best suited when 5G antenna masts or arrays are within close proximity within 1km.

The Ultimate Cube will protect from 3G 4G 4G+ and 5G. (Check out the Canadian Antenna Search website, or Rogers 5G Map to zoom into your area and find out where those towers are).

We recommend you purchase a U1 Ultimate Portable model to carry with you when you are away from your protected zone. This will maintain a level of protection so as you will not tire easily.

C1 Ultimate Cube 5G Features:

  • Designed for living and working areas where there is a high level 5G radiation
  • Unique delivery system
  • 3G 4G 4G+ & 5G Protection
  • Coverage 120m or 393 feet in every direction
  • Table mounted Alloy case with a pleasant look
  • Size 100mm x 100mm x 100mm
  • Weight 800g
  • Power consumption 12W
  • Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs with new waveform format
  • Great for homes, offices, and schools where EMF is extreme
  • The best protection from microwave radiation
  • May reduce fatigue associated with EMF especially 5G
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Enables restful sleep
  • May increase energy levels
  • Comes with 12V power pack and adapters

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