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Patch Kit (90) Count


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Simply apply the grounding patches to any part of the body.  One end of the accompanying Earthing cord snaps onto the patch, the other end connects to a properly grounded wall outlet or ground rod.

Each Earthing Patch Kit includes:

  • 90 Conductive Earthing Patches
  • 2  x Coil Cords
  • 1 x Outlet Checker
  • 1 x Safe-T Cube Adapter: A safe, non-electric adapter to plug multiple Earthing products into one ground port at a time. An excellent option for old outlets providing a more secure grounding connection to the earth.
  • Easy to Follow User’s Guide


How It Works

Step 1: Check Your Outlets For Ground

In order to use your Earthing Patches you must connect it to the “ground port” of a grounded 3 prong outlet. Before plugging in your patches, you must check that the outlet is grounded by plugging in the outlet checker.

Two amber lights illuminated is GOOD and means that you have a proper ground and you are ready to connect your patches.  If you have any other light combination it means your outlet is NOT properly grounded.  If that is the case, you can use the Grounding Rod in the optional step 2.


Step 2: Using The Ground Rod When Outlets Aren’t Grounded   (Optional and Sold Separately) 

The Grounding Rod is also useful when camping, or traveling to a location without grounded electrical outlets!

1. First Push the Grounding Rod directly into the earth (20 cm to 25 cm) close to the foundation of the building.

2. Run the cord from the Grounding Rod, under or around a window or door, near where you will be using your patches.

3. Make sure to cover the cord to prevent tripping.

4. Bring the cord into your home (via window or door), and plug the prong end of your 15′ Earthing cord into the receptacle end of the Grounding Rod cord. If you live in a dry area, soak the earth around the Ground Rod from time to time for maximum conductivity.


Step 3: Setting Up The Patches

1. Place a patch on bare skin.

2. Insert one end of Earthing cord into ground port of a properly grounded wall outlet (third hole) or connect to cord of an Earthing ground rod placed in the Earth outside.

3. Snap other end of cord onto the Earthing patch.

4. Anytime you use a patch, don’t forget to disconnect the cord if you have to leave the room. It’s easy to forget you are connected!!!

5. Dispose the patch when the gel in the centre has dissolved or dried up.


Safety Warning

Always use as directed. The Earthing Connection Outlet Ground Checker is designed for 120V 60Hz use only! Use only Earthing® approved connecting cord with built-in internal safety feature. If your Outlet Ground Checker does not display 2 amber lights, then do not use the product before consulting an electrician.
For your safety, locate any connecting cord in such a way that it doesn’t cause a tripping hazard.