How to Ground Your Bed

May 10, 2024

How to ground your bed

There’s nothing quite like the world beneath your feet on a nice summer day (can you tell we are itching for warmer days?) You know that feeling: the cool blades of grass sticking to your skin as a complete sense of calm washes over you with each and every step.

For many of us—especially those of us who live in Canada, where cold weather keeps us cooped up indoors for most of the year— this idyllic moment might seem like a fever dream. Going barefoot in the grass and becoming closer to nature ends up being something that happens just several times a year. Paired with the hustle and bustle of our modern world, making that connection is just not prioritized. We spend most of our time indoors, surrounded by technology and artificial environments.

But, as it turns out, our bodies need physical contact with Earth for optimal well-being. That’s where grounding, also known as earthing, comes in.

What is grounding?

Grounding occurs when the body is in direct contact with the Earth, whether it’s skin to soil or skin to water. The concept of earthing is that Earth is a source of beneficial electrons that we can use to counter the positive charge that builds up from a modern lifestyle that lacks regular, direct contact with nature.

How do I get grounded?

Grounding is accessible to everyone and is as simple as walking or sitting barefoot outdoors. To allow for proper grounding, one must make skin contact with the Earth, often through the soles of the feet. Ideally, we would be grounded 24/7, but if you can manage 30 minutes daily, that will work wonders! It’s important to note the difference between being grounded and feeling grounded (check out our blog on the topic here!)

Being grounded refers to when people directly connect their bodies with the Earth and use its natural charges to stabilize them. It’s all about the physical benefits of grounding your energy. On the other hand, feeling grounded refers to the feeling people get when they’re genuinely centred and present in their lives. While this is just as important as being grounded, it’s worth noting how they differ in knowing where to turn when you need grounding.

How can I get grounded when the outdoors isn’t accessible?

Because we no longer sleep on the ground or walk barefoot everywhere we go, we have disconnected ourselves from those sweet, sweet electrons. While walking barefoot outdoors is a natural way to get the job done, grounding products offer a convenient alternative, especially during colder seasons or when outdoor access is limited. They conduct the electrons of the Earth (and their vibratory frequencies) into your body and serve as extension cords from the Earth to you. If going outside is impossible and you need more time grounded each day (which most people do!), you can use indoor Ground Therapy products to connect to the Earth while you relax, work or most conveniently, sleep.

What are grounding sheets?

A grounding sheet or ground therapy mattress cover can provide the same benefits as being outdoors, allowing you to reap the rewards of grounding from the comfort of your bed while you sleep.

Why we don’t sell grounding sheets

We love grounding outdoors and using our collection of grounding gear when we can’t connect with nature. We have everything from ground therapy sleep mats to universal ground therapy mats and even ground therapy patches. One thing we don’t have, though, and tends to surprise people, is grounding sheets. Clint and the team are sticklers for quality products with longevity, and unfortunately, they were not durable. We found that the materials they were designed with wore out quickly for our customers, and that’s how the sleep mat and mattress cover came to be.

Our Ground Therapy sleep products

Let’s examine the differences between our top-selling Ground Therapy sleep solutions to determine the best for you. Our Sleep Mat and Mattress Cover are made from brand-new, proprietary grounding material, culminating two decades of research and development. They are thin, soft, and durable and feel great with direct skin contact, making you 100% grounded no matter where you move. The hypoallergenic nature of the carbon and the fact that there are no perforations make these products sanitary and easy to clean.

We personally love the pillow cases and mattress cover. Read on to find out which one is right for you. 🙂

Ground Therapy Sleep Mat 

The sleep mat comes in one size (27” x 84”) and can be placed horizontally or vertically across any mattress. When placed horizontally on top of a fitted sheet, it is perfect for kids.

Ground Therapy Mattress Cover

The mattress cover comes in ALL bed sizes and straps onto the bed so it always stays in place.

Check out how to set up your Sleep Mat here. 

Don’t forget!

When wearing PJs, place the sleep mat on top of the fitted sheet so there is only one layer of fabric between you and the Mat. Pyjamas should be made of natural materials like cotton or bamboo for the fastest and strongest grounding connection. Lastly, your feet are one of your body’s most readily conductive areas, so sleeping without socks is best.

Are grounding products safe?

The short answer is yes. We can guarantee the safety of our Clint Ober Ground Therapy products, as they are trademarked, trusted, and designed with decades of research and development. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of grounding dupes.

Regardless of your grounding product, you might want to consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

Do grounding products work?

Skeptics, we hear you! Grounding and ground therapy products are ingenious inventions that allow you to connect with the Earth’s energy without stepping outside. Rest assured, when you plug a grounding product into the ground port of a properly grounded outlet, you’ve created a pathway for the electrons to flow to your body. As mentioned above, we prefer our mattress cover because the material it’s made with is more hygienic and durable, ensuring years of grounded sleep to come!

At the end of the day, Mother Nature is the best option. We love going outside and taking in all that Earth has to offer! But as time-strapped business owners and parents, we are grateful for all the Ground Therapy products that keep us connected to the planet. We hope everyone can benefit from these products as much as we have. We know there is strength in supporting a healthy community, one foot at a time.

Stay grounded

If you’re curious about grounding and wondering whether a ground therapy product is worth a try, we encourage you to approach it with an open mind. Who knows? You might just discover a newfound sense of peace and vitality waiting for you right beneath your sheets.

Have a question about Earthing? Reach out, and we’ll be happy to help!